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Memorial Tribute Boards and Portraits

​We are pleased to partner with our friends at Memories 4 Life to offer brand-new products to help remember your loved ones.  Memories 4 Life produces tribute boards and portraits, individually made to order, in time for your services. Even if the services have already taken place, even if it was years in the past, the framed Treasures 4ever portraits and can be a lasting keepsake of those you've lost.

The people at Memories 4 Life are local people whom we know personally, and they produce these beautiful tributes right here in St. Paul. We are very excited to be able to offer you these products on behalf of Memories 4 Life.  

For more information, or to order, please contact us.

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Expresions 4ever Poster
Expressions 4ever 24"x36" Signing Poster: $149


Lil Angels 4ever Poster
Lil' Angels 4ever 20"x30" Signing Poster: $129

Treasures 4ever Portrait
Treasures 4ever Framed Portraits: 
        11"x14": $69     8.5"x11": $59     8"x10": $49